Berlin’s Festival Of Lights Sets The City Aglow As Things Turn Cold

Nearly 60 different buildings, landmarks and historical paces within Berlin are illuminated annually during the Berlin Festival of Lights.

During the two week period of time during which the Festival of Lights takes place in mid-October, locations like the Brandenburg Gate, the Deutscher Dom, Ferhsehturm at Alexanderplatz, the Hauptbahnhof, and the Oberbaumbrücke are flooded with multicolored lights to show off the great sites of Berlin, the City of Change.

The illuminations are turned on from 7:00 PM until midnight daily through the duration of the festival. In addition to putting on such a show, various events are put on during the time to celebrate the unique festival.

A 10 km (6.2 mi) long “light-run” takes place through the brightly illuminated city, ending at the Brandenburg Gate during the final weekend of the celebration, passing by the Berlin Cathedral and the Victory Column along the way. Costing only €12 per participant, it’s a great way to see many of the illuminations while getting some exercise. :-)

Also taking place during the Festival of Lights is the Night of Open Doors, when visitors are allowed into the various illuminated sites at times when they are usually closed. Special attractions include golfing on the Spree, visiting the German coin mint, and entrance into a World War II air raid shelter.

Special sightseeing tours are also available during the Festival of Lights, whether you want to venture above the city in the Welt-Balloon to see an overview, or hop onto a boat to see the colorful structures from the River Spree, you’re sure to have a blast.

Bus tours, bike tours, and limousine tours are also available—although you may want (or need) to reserve tickets in advance, so be sure to check out the official Web site of the Berlin Festival of Lights for more details.


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