Freizeitpark Tegel Has Got No Treehouses, But One Very Big Tree

Bordering on the grounds of the Schloss Tegel in Berlin’s Tegel district (Campestraße 11) is the Freizeitpark Tegel, a warm amusement and weather paradise for the younger set.

If you’re an athletic teen or even a parent who’s up to it, the park has tennis and volley ball courts. You can rent the balls and racquets, but the tennis shoes will have to be your own!

Reach Recreation Park Tegel, as you English call it, by taking the U-Bahn to Alt-Tegel, then heading for the Lake (Tegelersee) and making a right turn. Lake Tegel alone is worth the trip, as it’s the largest and most beautiful of the lakes fed by the River Havel!

The park is located on an area of Tegelersee called the Great Malchsee, and its sports facilities and 5,000 sq.m./54,000 sq.ft playground are managed by the Berlin Youth Club. The playground, with its climbing and balancing equipment, trampolines, tire swings, slides, and seesaws is open in good weather during the summer.

Where there’s water in a park, of course, one should attempt to get wet. You can do that at Freizeitpark Tegel by renting a paddle boat and voyaging across the Great Malchsee. While you’re exploring the bay, don’t miss one of the most amazing sights in all of Berlin.

The Dicke Marie (Fat Marie) is a 26m/85foot high oak tree which, at 900 years, is the oldest tree in Berlin. It was old even in the late 18th century, when young Wilhelm and Alexander von Humboldt from the nearby Schloss Tegel named it for their cook Mary!

Close to the paddle boat rental you’ll find ping pong tables and a snack bar where you can enjoy a game of chess while the kids are occupied on the playground.

All in all, the Freizeitpark Tegel is a great kid’s park in a beautiful spot where every member of the family can find ways to pass some very pleasant hours!

Freizeitpark Tegel Opening Hours

May to September, from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM.


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